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Movies Watched (for the first time) in 2015/2016

1Avengers: Age of Ultron02/05/2015*****CinemaMarvel does it again with this superhero epic, some characters don't get what they deserve but generally fun and thrilling
2Ant-Man01/08/2015****CinemaFun introduction to a lesser known hero from the Marvel Universe.
3Star Wars: The Force Awakens17/12/2015*****CinemaBrilliant return to form for the Star Wars franchise
4Quigley Down Under17/01/2016****DownloadFun and engaging wild-west adventure with a few excellent actors and great native people representation
5Deadpool10/02/2016******CinemaMy first midnight screening and after waiting 5+ years to see Deadpool done properly on the big screen I wasn't disappointed at all. Will be seeing again and again and is probably my new favourite movie of all time!
6Ghostbusters01/08/2016****CinemaA fun remake of the original!
7American Mary25/12/2016***DownloadRather twisted and stylised with a plot that jumps around a lot. Katherine Isabelle is amazing

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