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Books Read in 2014

1ContactCarl Sagan01/12/1307/01/14****Scientifically accurate yet emotionally compelling. So much more elaborate than the film, but better for it.
2The Magic of RealityRichard Dawkins08/01/1410/02/14****A great introduction to the wonders of Science and Reality, can be enjoyed by children or adults
3The Second Book of General IgnoranceJohn Lloyd & John Mitchinson11/02/1410/04/14***Lots of quite interesting facts presenting in a way that leads nicely from one to the other
4Dexter by DesignJeff Lindsay06/06/1414/06/14****As always, randomly hilarious and very compelling and hard to put down
5A Lion called ChristianAnthony Burke & John Rendall23/08/1423/08/14*****A quick but engaging and emotive read, updated for a new generation
6Your Religion is FalseJoel Grus20/09/14NOT FINISHED IN 2014

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