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Books Read in 2013

1Warm BodiesIsaac Marion17/02/1320/02/13****An incredibly interesting take on the zombie genre - the zombie society stuff was hard to swallow though
2NeverwhereNeil Gaiman18/03/1323/03/13*****Beautifully written and hard to put down - draws you into a complex world that seems so real
3Bi: Notes for a Bisexual RevolutionShiri Eisner02/08/1326/09/13****Lots of deep ideas to get my head around in order to be ready to join the bisexual revolution!
4The Eternal DawnChristopher Pike27/09/1308/10/13***Retcons parts of the old 6-part series but still very action packed and a fun read
5Delusions of GenderCordelia Fine08/10/1327/10/13****A well written critique of sexism in gender difference studies, thought provoking and feminist
6Dear JohnNicholas Sparks27/10/1304/11/13****Tough to put down, deep, emotional and very engaging
7Tickling the EnglishDara O Briain04/11/1313/11/13****Funny, insightful and a great companion to Dara's stand-up shows
8The InterceptorCameron Addicott13/11/1320/11/13****Very engaging true story of drug law enforcement in the UK
9The Good Man Jesus and the Scoundrel ChristPhilip Pullman25/11/1330/11/13***An interesting retelling of the story of Jesus' life, with some great down-to-earth embellishments
10ContactCarl Sagan01/12/13Not finished in 2013

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